uc browser থেকে html পেজ গুলো কম্পিউটারে ওপেন করব কিভাবে ?

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AnswersBD Administrator Feb 23, 2013 05:26 PM

Mane apni bolte chachen uc er save page? Name.utml? Tahole direct apni open korte parben na. Ar korte hole pray 1 GB er moto software lagbe. (uc ran korte lagbe 6 mb but file manager ante lagbe 1 gb.)
kintu apni ki janen je khub sohoje apni mobile dia save kore dekhte parben.
way 1
uc browser e gie download manager e jan. ( uc 8.8 or higher required)
now, bam paser select botam click kore new task e click korun. Now page er link din. (page e geye 1 7 dia page info te gia page link copy korun.)
now download korun. Page ta html e save hobe. Now pc te gia open korun.

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