windows 2008 mail sever কিভাবে setup দেোয়া যায়

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    কিভাবে windows 2oo8 mail server setup করা যায় এবং এটা দিয়ে কিভাবে কাজ করা যায়? একটু step by step দয়া করে বলবেন?

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    AnswersBD Administrator Nov 11, 2012 01:48 PM

    Installing SMTP Server Feature on Windows 2008 is an easy process requiring only few steps to complete. On this article we will describe a step by step configuration and installation of the SMTP Server feature and how to enable the smtp to relay from local server.

    Step 1:

    Opening Server Manager Console and under Features select Add Features

    Step 2:

    Selecting SMTP Server option

    Step 3:

    Click on Install wait until finish and click close

    Step 4:

    Waiting for installation to finish and clicking on Close

    Step 5:

    Opening IIS 6.0 Manager under Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services 6.0

    Step 6:

    Under [SMTP Virtual Server] second mouse click and properties

    Step 7:

    Select Relay under Access Tab

    Step 8:

    Select Only the list below and click on Add button

    Step 9:

    Enter IP Address for relay

    Step 10:

    Sending a manual email through telnet to confirm everything working successfully. Telnet localhost 25 or telnet yourpublicip 25 and make sure you open the specific port on your firewall to be available to public.

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