sir kivabe router wep key hack korbo.

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sir amak ki router wep key hack korar full version free download link diben?
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AnswersBD Administrator Oct 09, 2012 02:51 AM

Everyone has lots of internet connections around their house, and frequently these connections are wireless. Most of the time, it is possible simply to either have a laptop with WiFi or a PC with WiFi and connect to open networks with the Windows built-in WiFi client. Cheap, free, and easy wireless internet Sometimes people are smart and they like to secure their internet, and when this happens we have to use some toolz. When people secure their internet using WEP (which stands for something long, it doesn’t matter), they set a key with which all the people who want to connect need to input into their client software (which is most often Windows). If you have the key, you can connect, if not you cannot. Anyway Lets Start……………………….



But we do.

To start, you must have AirSnort installed correctly. Since it is a native Linux program, they developers never really targeted it towards newbies, so to install it you have to jump through some hoops. A really good guide on getting the program running in the first place is here:

After you have it all installed and running, simply leave it running in the background. It will capture and analyze network traffic, and eventually you will have a WEP key. If the particular network has lots of traffic, you will likely have a key in a short amount of time but if it is a light traffic network you will need to stimulate traffic or leave your computer on for a much longer amount of time.

Stimulating traffic is weird and probably not worth the time required to make it work. It is recomended to try another network if this does not work.

Hopefully you can get a connection, and eventually test out the potential of WiFi. …………. Thnku 

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